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Mason Pryor

Give Back Great Lakes | Co-Founder & Board Secretary

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Mason's Story

Mason has deep ties to the Great Lakes' small business community and natural environment. Since before he could remember, he has been traveling "Up North" in Michigan to spend summers enjoying the pristine fresh water, beaches, and fisheries. Mason is also an entrepreneur at heart. Starting by selling handcrafted goods from a sidewalk stand at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, Mason has experience in and around his family's multiple businesses pursuits that include, but is not limited to, graphic design, baked goods, and "Up North" lifestyle products. 

Mason graduated from Michigan State, earning a BA in Advertising Management. During his time at MSU he worked on a variety of consumer behavior research projects and led the construction and execution of multiple advertising campaigns for organizations like the City of East Lansing. Many of these projects involved promoting small businesses in the East Lansing area and finding additional ways to increase their customer base, revenue, and overall impact within the community. 
Mason and Cole Larance, his business partner and longtime friend, founded Give Back Great Lakes in 2021 after an ocean plastic recovery business of theirs naturally expanded to the Great Lakes.

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