Give Back Great Lakes


A self-sustaining Great Lakes region

The Great Lakes region faces a host of issues, from the toxic legacy of industry to systemic inequities in access to basic resources, that have degraded communities, economies, and ecosystems for generations. Give Back Great Lakes is creating a cyclical system of reinvestment that rights previous wrongs and facilitates a new, regenerative society to expand sustainable development and private sector reinvestment in community and environmental causes year after year.

How we define "self-sustaining"

Environment | Society | Economy

No one-way relationships.


Wherever value is extracted or resources used from our environment and communities, we must give back. The GBGL community does so through contributions of resources, time, and investments in the sustainability of their internal operations.

Is "self-sustaining" possible?


Our region has more than enough resources to support our communities and natural environment.

The Great Lakes regional economy is on par with the largest economies in the world. (GDP in trillions 2017)



United States of America






Great Lakes Region




How we achieve regional sustainability


Great Lakes businesses to reinvest in the region and immediately get something in return - a GBGL member badge and member network for connection and collaboration


Great Lakes residents to easily identify and support businesses that make a certified commitment to protect our region


Great Lakes nonprofits that work in our regional environment and communities with a source of recurring funding