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A Sustainable Society & Economy

We take a holistic approach in defining sustainability to address factors that traditional environmentalism has neglected. We cannot expect to create a sustainable future without considering the role our societal structures and communities play in the Great Lakes regional ecosystem.

Our Societal and Economic focus areas include:


Providing opportunities for all Great Lakes residents to pursue academic achievement, environmental and otherwise, or the development of a skilled trade

Environmental Justice

Ensuring Great Lakes communities and people are equitably represented in the creation, implementation, and enforcement of environmental policy and systems that address the consequences of ongoing harm are promoted

Sustainable Resource Use & Equitable Access

Ensuring Great Lakes communities have sustainable interactions and relationships with the natural world, are granted equal access and opportunity to do so, and can meet their fundamental human needs


Providing opportunities for all Great Lakes residents to develop relationships with the natural world at a community and personal level

Green Energy & Infrastructure

Supporting renewable/green energy research, development, and in the promotion of ecologically-conscious infrastructure to create jobs and facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy grid and built environment

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