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Social Media Guide

Below are easy ways to incorporate GBGL membership into your social media presence. Tell your story to inspire others, grow our movement, and protect our Great Lakes region!  
  • Add "Member @givebackgreatlakes" (or something similar) to your bios

  • Follow GBGL on Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook to stay connected to our community

  • Announce GBGL membership to audience with a simple Member Badge graphic and caption like the examples below (download pre-made graphic here or create own with badge)

  • Tag @givebackgreatlakes in your GBGL-related posts


Simple Caption Ideas​

  •  “BUSINESS NAME is very excited to announce our membership in Give Back Great Lakes! Going forward, our business will make a certified commitment to reinvest in our region’s natural environment and communities.” 

  • “BUSINESS NAME is now a member of Give Back Great Lakes! Every year we will be reinvesting 1% of our REVENUE OR PROFIT into nonprofits throughout the region and internal sustainability measures.” 

  • “NONPROFIT NAME is now a member of Give Back Great Lakes! We are proud to join the regional community working for sustainability by continuing to BRIEF NONPROFIT MISSION STATEMENT."

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