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Cole Larance

Give Back Great Lakes | Co - Founder, Board President & Treasurer

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Cole's Story

Cole is an entrepreneur with a passion for environmental law, policy, and activism. During his undergraduate career at the University of Michigan, Cole founded a sustainable eyewear brand and co-founded a Federal PAC to assist nationwide progressive candidates' field infrastructure that grew to include hundreds of interns across seven departments.


Cole also has experience assisting environmental advocates in government. In 2019 he worked in Ottawa, Ontario for John Aldag, Canadian Member of Parliament and Chair of the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, and advised his successful reelection campaign in 2021.

At the University of Michigan, Cole earned a BA in Political Science and an Honors BA in Environmental Law & Policy. His undergraduate honors thesis "We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Beach: A Stakeholder Analysis of Land-Based Shark Fisheries in Florida and Texas" received high honors and was advised by Professor Paul Seelbach who currently serves on Give Back Great Lake's Board of Advisors. He also spent four years with Pantanal Partnership, serving as Vice President before becoming President. Pantanal Partnership is a College of Engineering sponsored student organization that seeks to use sustainable technology and community-oriented design as a medium to improve quality of life for residents of the Pantanal, expand research and environmental stewardship in the Pantanal region of Brazil, and equip its members with technical skills and experience engaging with different cultures.


Cole and Mason Pryor, his business partner and longtime friend, founded Give Back Great Lakes in 2021 after an ocean plastic recovery business of theirs naturally expanded to the Great Lakes.

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