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1% for the Great Lakes

The Gold Standard
for environmentally responsible businesses
in the Great Lakes region

More than giving -  it's an investment

“Businesses are in a bind. Broadcasting sustainability would capture an untapped consumer base but also sow distrust. We’d suggest they follow the data. Third-party validation helps certify progress in the eyes of consumers..."

Pete Davis, CEO and co-founder of GreenPrint

A Label Consumers Can Trust


Environmental Impact

Our members support on-the-ground, mission aligned nonprofits and invest in internal sustainability

Certified Giving

We certify our members' annual investment in the Great Lakes to ensure a minimum investment of 1% of their gross sales

Expert Guidance

Our board of directors is composed of leaders and experts from multiple the professional fie

Not just giving -  it's an investment.

The Great Lakes region has an annual GDP of  $6 Trillion, placing it  third  on the international stage behind the U.S. and China.


Many states still struggle to raise the funds necessary to combat pressing issues in their natural environments and communities

Join us to be a part of the solution

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