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(How To) Give Back Great Lakes

External Reinvestment

  • at least 60% of annual 1% commitment

  • to 501(c)(3) organizations or the Canadian equivalent (charity listed in CRA database)

  • Mission aligned (does work that falls under one or more of Give Back Great Lakes focus areas)
  • Regional (does work within the Great Lakes’ eight U.S. states and two Canadian Provinces)

  • Monetary or in-kind contributions​

External Guidelines

Internal Reinvestment

  • at most 40% of annual 1% commitment

  • Does not include any marketing/advertising expenses

  • Voluntary, non-compliance related investments

  • Mission-aligned - for example, creates:

    • decrease in business related waste

    • increase in energy efficiency

    • other​

*Infrastructure investments can be carried over to two additional years of 1% commitments (e.g. $’s over 40% for an internal investment made in ‘21 can be used in ‘22 and ‘23)

Internal Guidelines

Certification Documents

(only one needed per category)​

(100% confidential)

  • Annual Revenue & Annual Profit

    • Top page of tax return (not including pass through costs and client reimbursements)

    • Acknowledgement from third party (CA, CPA, auditor, etc.) that has reviewed financials and can confirm

    • Data/report from accounting or sales software (Quickbooks, Xero, Shopify, etc.)

  • External Reinvestment

    • Contribution receipt(s)

    • Acknowledgement from recipient nonprofit, stating the date and amount of contribution

  • Internal Reinvestment

    • ​Pre-determined form of documentation suggested by business during pre-approval phase

Certification Documents
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